DK & S & FIN Ch
Arina Mraja
Dob. 30.12.2007

(Phaedra Camus / Amuri-Pajkos Bogi)

Breeder: Kennel Mraja, Jana Mrázová, Slovakia

Owners: Kennel Charlotte'russe & Kennel Marelden, Sweden


Danish, Swedish and Finnish chamipon

3 x CACIB winner

BOB winner

Dame to kennel Marelden's Å-litter

Arina in the summer of 2009


Arina landed in Finland at the beginning of May 2008. From the first meeting at the airport she stole our hearts; from the "please-let-me-out-of-this-cage" to the "" (she accidentally got to do that.....). She is absolutely adorable and very affectionate with her immediate family. New people and unfamiliar dogs she looks at from a distance before approaching them, real borzoi-manners :-) She seems quite adventures and unafraid this little princess... We and kennel Marelden (Sweden) are enjoying following this precious borzoi growing and developing!
Thank you kennel Mraja for letting us have her!


Arina winning BOS and CAC and gaining the title Swedesh champion 
in Sweden in January 2012

Arina 5 months

Arina on the left winning BIS import at the Swedish Speciality 24 of May '09 
judge: Astrid Wolf, kennel Alicia's 

Arina on the right winning BOS intermediate at the sighthound speciality show in Sweden Bosjökloster 23 of May '09, judge: regina Tromp-Pruyn 
judge: Astrid Wolf, kennel Alicia's 

©Lotta Järvinen (above and below)

Arina playing with Mavra iz Razdolia and Charlotte'russe Isadora in June 2008

 Arina below late summer 2008


Arina 4 months


A quite eager Arina 4 months old


Arina 3 months old

Arina 6 weeks old


Pedigree for Arina Mraja
















Phaedra Camus
AKC 128290,
MET Oag.820/4/5






Int&Am&Fin&Est&Rus&Ltu Ch Newsky-02 EuroW-03
Phaedra Rafiki
AKC HM79146502
DNA V231897


Am Ch
Phaedra Brazilian Lovesong
AKC HM33275901

Am Ch
Phaedra Spanish Lullaby
AKC HD517729

Pickfair's Private Dancer
AKC HD607946 

Leicro's Russian Zanza
AKC HM60375101
Leicro's russian Zkydreamer
SKKS 41765/92

S Ch
Leicro's Russian Zvoja
SKKS 57895/87









Rajalinjan Venuschka
AKC HP09435801

Fin&Est&Ltu Ch LtuW-99 Rajalinjan Phaedra Bolshoy
FKK FIN32798/97
Am Ch
Foxtrott Entwood Aquila
AKC HM54849007
SBIS Am&Fin&Est Ch
Phaedra Brasilia
AKC HM39918102
Fin&Est&Ltu Ch
Rajalinjan Icedream
FKK FIN16914/94
Fin&Est Ch FinW-92
Phaedra Kojiki
AKC HD852931
Fin Ch
Margiitan Swetlana
FIN 10227/86







Amuri-Pajkos Bogi
SPKP 160;MET 689



Obsydian Stepowy Goniec
PKR X 3993


Muskat Stepowy Goniec
PKR X 3666
Azerbaijan Leyton CS
CKS CHK 32/92/94
Halma Stepowy Goniec
PKR X 2697
Almazka Poslusjnye Wihri
PKR X XII 2493
Carycyn Stepowy Goniec
PKR X VII 1206
Ardagan's Quarat Poslusjnye Wihri
NHSB 1697849
Amuri-Pajkos Astra
MET Oag.55/95

Ural Aral



H Ch
Amur von der Windhundrach
Zalogosi Ani
MET Oag.134/89
Ataman Ceda
MET ORG.304/91
Ataman Amu-Darja
MET Org.4/87
Limbachi Akszinja
MET Oag.9/88