© Roger Westerlund
Our darling "Mango" 2 years old

Charlotte'russe Magnolia

(FI Ch SMM-04 Charlotte'russe Glenn Miller / 
Mavra iz Razdolia)

Owners: Kennel Charlotte'russe 
& Lotta Järvinen, Finland


3 x  CAC - Lure coursing

CACIL - winner

Winner of
Nordic Lure Coursing Master championships 2011 (PMM-11)

Dame to our O-litter

Our darling Mango is the family "gangster". She is fantastically sweet but also the only one to jump over fences 
and going on round abouts if she gets bored of one reason or another... 
She is very affectionate, wild and wise, and always knows how to handle all fellow dogs whatever their temperament. 
She is unafraid and curious, and we are so grateful for this darling with her black sparkling eyes :-)






© Charlotte'russe
Charlotte'russe Kalvados and Mango playing in June 2010

© Liisa Tuominen
Mango with her puppies at the beginning of February 2012

© Roger Westerlund
Mango 2 years old

© Charlotte'russe
Our darling "Mango"

© Ella Niinistö
Mango going towards the win of The Nordic Lure Coursing Master-championships 2011 (PMM-11) and CAC and CACIL

© Ella Niinistö
The winner of the Nordic Lure Coursing Master-championships 2011 (PMM-11):
Charlotte'russe Magnolia winning CAC, CACIL and the title PMM-11

© Jari Kyllönen
Mango going in for the kill together with her cousin Lili Marlene at the lure coursing competition in Kouvola in July 2011. Mango came 3rd with CQ 
just 8 points less then the winner :-)


© Lotta Järvinen
Mango playing with her brother Manolito in June 2010. Brother Marco Polo and father Glenn Miller are also in the back ground :-)

On the right father Glenn Miller has joined the playing and below: Mango is still on her two back feet even if everyone else has calmed down :o)

© Lotta Järvinen

© Lotta Järvinen

© Taru Kiviranta

© Charlotte'russe
Mango 10 months old

© Lotta Järvinen

© Charlotte'russe
Mango playing with Paloma and Dame Hillvilldur 
coming round the corner behind them..

© Charlotte'russe
Mango 10 months old with Hillvilldur (left corner) 
and Lili Marlene chewing on a bone  

© Charlotte'russe
Mango with flying ears ;-) Here 5 months old

© Charlotte'russe

"Mango" at the beginning of November '09 about 4 months old



© Lotta Järvinen

Mango with Isadora and a curious Maxmilian :-)

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Inbreeding 0,05 %
(Nadir v Triumfus Dyonisos found once behind both Marra and Glenn Miller in their 5th generation)


Pedigree M-litter












FI Ch SMM-04
Charlotte'russe Glenn Miller





FI & EE Ch
Zchatsaj's Efim

FI & S Ch
Ardagan's Yondalar

CIB & D & LUX & VDH Ch Coursing Ch
Ardagan's Warlock

Flavia de Tschesskaja

S Ch
Zchatsaj's Chegorowa

Timirinja's Birik Czarinjin

Polongain Pamjatka





CIB & FI & Dk & LT Ch KBHV-04
Lure Coursing Ch
Charlotte'russe Esmeralda

Margiitan Bolshoj Baccanal

Dk Ch BJGSG Zarina's Diavolo

Margiitan Ödelia Özbaazia

CIB & FI & S & EE Ch
Margiitan Huhtikuunhuumaa

CIB & FI Ch W-91
Margiitan Yks Yrjö Yrjänä

Margiitan April














Mavra Iz Razdolia







RU & BY & UA Ch FT-Hare
Cherny Monarch Iz Razdolia

Gilay Rusich

Klingsor's Gazhi


CIB & Ru & UA Ch










RU CH FT-Hare & -Fox
Leicro's Russian Zolka Zara


Leicro's Russian Zwartkopf

Wassilow v Triumfus Dyonisos

S Ch
Leicro's Russian Zoja

Leicro's Russian Zolka Zatre

DK & S Ch
Leicro's Russian Ztorm Eagle

S Ch
Sholwood Shot Silk