Fin Ch
Detective Morris
(Margiitan Bacchus Bianco / Fin Ch Marelden's Farnoja Felitsa)
Owner: kennel Charlotte'russe



© Paula Tiittanen

Morris moved back to us around the age of five. It didn't require much effort to make him Finnish champion shortly after. He was a very obedient and affectionate male. He loved running around in the forest. He was also the guardian of Kaarninko: no unexpected visitors could come unnoticed; his family was very important to him.

Morris had quite a life. For many years he lived with a nice woman who took long walks with him and cared for him. But his life hung on a thin thread on more than one occasion. Once in the winter he ran out on a frozen lake and fell through the thin ice. After huge efforts from his former owner (who at one point fell in herself while trying to get him out) the fire squad managed to rescue him. There was also another incident where he, while playing in the forest, fell down from a cliff and his collar got stuck on a branch. They got him down on the ground but he had stopped breathing. Thanks to first aid (mouth-to-mouth method) he woke up. 
He must have had a guardian angel watching over him.
We were very happy to have him back running about in Kaarninko for the remainder of his life. 
His good mood made everyone smile. Thank you Morris!


A young Morris with Synnöve

© Lotta Järvinen
Morris in 2004, 8 years of age

Photo:Charlotta Sevon
Sonja (Synnöve's granddaughter) and Morris

Photo:Paula Tiittanen
© Paula Tiittanen
Morris with his mother "Ronja"



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