Conanimus Nefeli

Dob.13.01.2008 Female
Breeder: Pambos Ph. Charalambous, Cyprus
Owner: Kennel Charlotte'russe

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BOB Winner
CAC Winner

"Nefeli" our red princess has only just arrived from Cyprus. We are most greatful for this red ruby! It didn't take her long to make all the guys go crazy about her ;-) 
Thank you Susanna and breeder Pambos for trusting her in our care!






Conanimus Double



FI & S Ch
Hotpoint's See The Fact

Nord & DK Ch NW-98 NordW-98 SW-98 WW-98
Hotpoint's Follow That Line

Hotpoint's Taylor Made

INT Ch N & S Ch
Hotpoint's Just a Feeling

INT Ch Nord Ch
Hotpoint's Face The Fact
N & S Ch
Delwin Time to Dream

INT Ch N & S Ch
Hotpoint's Be Happy

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