C.I.B Charlotte'russe Leoncavallo was BOB and BIG1 in Italy 19.06.2016 in Scanno.
Thank you judge Fausto Cavalieri and Orietta Zilli and congratulations to owner Marcella :-)


The Nordic Racingchampionships 2016 (PM-16) in Tampere 11.6.2016
WINNER with CAC and CACIL was Charlote'russe Orlov Hvorostovsky.
His sister Othilia Orlovskaya was 3# and also got CAC. 
Orlov also completed his track championship on Sunday 12.6 at the dog show in Tammela becoming Oval Track champion (FI KVA-r). 
Thank you judge Jovanovic Namanja, Serbia.


Charlotte'russe Othilia Orlovskaya was 1# and her brother Charlote'russe Orlov Hvorostovsky was 2# 
at the oval track race Pohjoishämeen kennelpiirin mestaruus 2016 22.05.2016 in Tampere. 
Congrats to the Master of the Pohjoishämeen kennelpiiri and her owners Eero and Kati and to Orlov's owner Tarja :-)



Ch Charlotte'russe Pinocchio was BM-2 with CACIB at the Royal Canin dog show in Helsinki 21.5.2016, 
Judge Marion Ten Cate, The Netherlands
Congrats to owners TIna Åberg & Roger Westerlund


C.I.B Charlotte'russe Leoncavallo was BOB 22.05.2016 in Italy.
He was also BOB CAC CACIB x 2 and BIG1 x 1 at the international dogshows in Italy 07.-and 08.05.2016.
His children did fantastic as well. For example Gladio Dell'antica Carsulae was Junior BOB and JBIS at the same show!
See Leoncavallo winning the group: v=d6Bj1s5HArE
And his son Gladio winning the Junior BIS (from 9,30 minutes onwards): v=g0Bv3daP9rw



Charlotte'russe Nat King Cole was BOS with CAC at the houndgroupshow in Seinäjoki 15.5.2016, Judge Jetta Tschokkinen
Congrats to owner Heidi and her family :-) 

Copyright Seija Piippo

Lots and lots has happened. We lost our precious "Mango" Charlotte'russe Magnolia in the fall of 2015. She ran away and was unfortunately hit by a car on her huntingtrip and died on the spot. We found a perfect male for our "Milou" Charlotte'russe Lili Marlene at the lure coursing championships 2015 in Helsinki, and the puppies will be born in the middle of May this year! The proud sire is the Russian huntingdog LC Ch Razguljai Milan owned by judge Marina Orlova.Charlotte'russe P-litter are yet to get their own pages but I can tell you that the handsome Charlotte'russe Pinocchio is today Finnish and Estonian show champion, Estonian junior champion and winner of CAC in lure coursing and team coursing and has a licens for the tracks, where he has proven to be very fast!  

More updates and news later :-) 





Charlotte'russe Nat King Cole was BM-2 with CAC and reserve-CACIB in Turku 24 of January under judge Robert Kotlar. His sister Natasha got CQ at the same show.
Charlotte'russe Leoncavallo became Croation champion BOB and BIG-2 at the international show in Zagreb. He also became a proud father at kennel Dell'Antica Carsulae in Italy. Mother of the puppies is beautiful Ca'Frosco Halina. Gaudio Dell'Antica Carsulae moved to Finland which we are very exited about!!

Charlotte'russe Othilia Orlovskaya won CAC at the ovaltracks in Tampere 24.5! Congrats to owners!! Her brother Ockleberry Finn won his fourth CAC at the same race, also their brother Orlov Hvorostovsky won CAC at the same race! Ockleberry Finn completed his championship at the beginning of the summer and became Track champion! He also won the Derby championshiprace at the tracks and gained the title DVR-15.  

Charlotte'russe Pinocchio was 3rd at the Team-lure cousing competition for sighthounds (best borzoi-team) together with Charlotte'russe Mercedes and Vasilji Tsar Borzois in Mikkeli 28.6 gaining CACL. The week after Pinocchio was BOS and gained his fourth CAC at Tuusula summer show. 

Last but not least FI Ch Charlotte'russe Lili Marlene has been mated to Razguljai Moroz in Moscow. We hope for puppies at the beginning of September. 
This is a very exciting litter for us! Moroz comes from a long line of hunters. He is a superb runner (just as is his littermates) and he has an adorable temperament paired with a beautiful outline. 




During year 2014 a lot happened. Here are some highlights: Charlotte'russe Lili Marlene became Finnish champion
Charlotte'russe Lucifer became Estonian champion. Charlotte'russe Pinocchio became Estonian junior champion
He also won 2 x CAC and BOB this same year in Finland from junior class. Charlotte'russe Mercedes and Charlotte'russe Leopold won CAC and 
was 2nd with their team at the Team-lure coursing-trial for sighthounds. Leopold was also won the "Star sprinter 2014" ovaltrack race
(TS-14) in Helsinki.
Charlotte'russe Leoncavallo became champion of Switzerland. His sister Lili Marlene won CACL and CACIL in lure coursing this year.

Charlotte'russe Ockleberry Finn won several trials at the oval tracks and gained 3 x CAC at these competitions. His brother Orlov Hvorostovsky also won a trial at oval tracks and gained his first CAC at the oval tracks this year. In lure coursing Orlov gained 2 x Reserve-CACIL and one CACL and won the Finnish Championships 2014 in lure coursing gaining the title SMM-14. Their sister Othilia Orlovskaya won several trials at the tracks and CACIL as well!





Charlotte'russe Oliver Twist won 2 x CAC at oval track competitions in July and September! His brother Orlov Hvorostovsky was trialwinner also at an oval track competition. Their brother Ockleberry Finn won his first CAC at the oval tracks as well. Congrats to all owners!!  

Charlotte'russe Lucifer gained his last CAC and was BOS under judge Kari Salminen! Congratulations to Tina and Roger :-)
15.8.2013 six wonderful pupppies were born, 2 males and 4 females.

This year started of great with both Lady Chatterly and Leopold taking group-placements at shows. 
Leoncavallo went abroad with his owners and won several CACs and CACIBs and thus completing his International championship title. 
Kontzales has taken many Best male placements this year and also completed his Finnish championship title.
Ludwig has also taken several Best Male placements.
The youngsters Nat King Cole and Natascha have started their showcarrier well! Nat King Cole getting Best Male placements and Natascha gaining BOS and CAC.
Nat King Cole has also showed his potential in the field gaining two CACLs.
Our O-litter shows great potential as runners and it will be exciting to see how they will manage at competitions when they are old enough to compete.
We congratulate all Charlotte'russe owners for their success and activity at shows and on the field!

The annual Borzoi Club show in Finland in June was a huge success for our kennel!
BIS open class, Best Male-4, Charlotte'russe Manolito
BOS working dog, Best Female-3, reserve Cac Charlotte'russe Mercedes
3rd Best Breeder's group
BIS Progeny group with Vega Shelk Futark, Chalotte'russe Leopold, Charlotte'russe Lucifer, Charlotte'russe Lili Marlene and Vaslilij Tsar Borzois
In the big open class of males among the 4 placed 3 were Charlotte'russe dogs: Manolito 1st CQ, Malcolm 3rd, Nat King Cole 4th
BIS Tourist the 11 year old Charlotte'russe Glenn Gould
BIS Honourable also Charlotte'russe Glenn Gould
Huge congratulations to all owners!!
And thank you judges Marlina Orlova (Russia), Nina Kudtyatseva (Russia), Johanna Lind-Vilpponen (Finland) and Outi Piisi-Putta (Finland) 

And last but not least: our beatiful Czech import SMM-10 Paris-Paloma Fi-It was mated with International Champion Vega Shelk Futark 13.6.2013.
Puppies are expected to be born mid August




NEW LURE COURSING CHAMPION and International & FI & LT & LV & EE Show Ch BaltW-12 SMM-11 Charlotte'russe Leopold
He won the Lure coursing competition in Nilsiä and gained his last CAC for completing his lure coursing championshiptitle!
Charlotte'russe Esmeralda has now 2 grandchildren who did the same as her 
by becoming both lure coursing champions and international showchampions!! 
One is Charlotte'russe Leopold and the other is Rousen Cheslava! Huge congrats to owners!

© Pirjo Hostikka-Vuokare
Leopold with his owner TIna :-)


Lure coursing, Finnish BOrzoi Club's championships 2012 in Heinola 5.5.2012
WINNER of females with CAC and new Lure coursing Champion Charlotte'russe Mercedes!! 
#4 of the males was her brother Charlotte'russe Manolito
Congrats to owners Liisa and Mauri :-)

© Susanna Luukkanen


BALTIC WINNER 2012 in Tallinn, Estonia 19.08.2012
BOS CACIB CAC BALTIC WINNER 2012 new Estonian Champion & new INTERNATIONAL Champion Charlotte'russe Leopold
Thank you judge Barbka Novak, Slovenia!!

© Jane Jaggo

The annual Finnish Borzoi Club show in Valkeakoski 28.07.2012
BIS-2 BREEDER with CQ kennel Charlotte'russe
BIS-tourist Ch Charlotte'russe Glenn Miller
BIS-open and BB-4 with CAC Charlotte'russe Mercedes
BIS-progeny Vega Shelk Futark with his sons 
Charlotte'russe Leopold, Lucifer and Ludwig and Vasilij Tsar Borzoi   
Thank you judges Wieslawa Misterka (kennel Polot) and Tomasz Kuszyk (kennel Bilans)!

© Teija Toivola
Mercedes, Kontzales, Ludwig and Leopold

© Pekka Elkelä
Ch Charlotte'russe Glenn Miller
He was the oldest male at the show, 10 years old!

© Ella Niinistö
Charlotte'russe Mercedes

© Ella Niinistö
Ch Vega Shelk Futark with sons Ch Charlotte'russe Ludwig, Charlotte'russe Lucifer, Ch Charlotte'russe Leopold 
and Vasilij Tsar Borzois



Dogshow in Latvia 21.7.2012
BIG-2 BOB CAC and new LV CH Charlotte'russe Leopold

© Tytti Saviaro


Karjaa international dogshow 7.7.2012
BIG-1 BOB CACIB CH Charlotte'russe Leopold
BB-2 CAC reserve-Cacib Charlotte'russe Lili Marlene

Thank you breed judge Shamil Abrakimov, Russia and group judge Irina Poletaeva, Russia!


Midsummer MOSH Lure coursing in Kauhajoki, 22.6.2012
Winner with CAC and HIGHEST POINTS OF ALL BREEDS (517 points) Charlotte'russe Lili Marlene

© Kokonaho


Greek kennelclub, 3x show 22.,23.,24.6.2012
Ch Charlotte'russe Lady Chartterly:
BB-2 for judge Stelios Makaritis, Greece
BOB BIG-3 for Carla Molinari, Portugal
BOS and New MEDITERRANEAN WINNER 2012 for Niksa Lemo, Croatia
Huge congrats to owner George!

© D. Paste


Helsinki, International "Aptus" dogshow 17.6.2012
BOS CAC CACIB Charlotte'russe Lili Marlene
BM-2 reserve-Cacib -> Cacib Ch Charlotte'russe Leopold
Over 30 borzois were entered!
Thank you judge Agafonova Elena, Russia!


Lure coursing, Derby 2012-winner 19.5.2012
#4 with CQ Charlotte'russe Mercedes
#2 with CAC Ch Charlotte'russe Leopold
#4 Charlotte'russe Lucifer
#5 Charlotte'russe Manolito
Congrats to Tina & Roger :-)

© Tarja Mäkinen

Lure coursing, Suomi-cup 2012 5.5.2012
#2 with CQ Charlotte'russe Mercedes


Caserta, Italy, International Vesuvio winner 2012 dogshow 5.5.2012
BOB CAC CACIB and NEW VESUVIO WINNER 2012 Charlotte'russe Leoncavallo
Huge congrats to Marcella and Paolo :-)
Thank you judge Kitty Sjong, Denmark!


Lappeenranta, Finland International dogshow 9.4.2012
BM-4 Ch Charlotte'russe Leopold
Thank you judge Tino Pehar and congrats to owners Tina and Roger :-)


Athens, Greece, International dogshow 8.4.2012
BOG-2 BOB CACIB Ch Charlotte'russe Lady Chartterly
Huge congrats again to owner George for a successfull weekend :-)

© Dom Paste

Athens, Greece, International dogshow 7.4.2012
BOG-3 BOB CACIB Ch Charlotte'russe Lady Chartterly

Huge congrats to owner George!

© Dom Paste


Kaarina, dogshow 3.3.2012
BM-2 CAC New FI Ch Charlotte'russe Leopold

Thank you judge Per Lundström, Sweden


TOP Lure coursing Sighthound of year 2011 is a borzoi!
  SMM-11 Charlotte'russe Mercedes did the impossible !!!!
Congrats to Liisa and Mauri :-)

© Mari Asikainen


Turku International dogshow 21.1.2012
BOS CACIB CAC new Finnish Champion Ch Arina Mraja
 BM-2 reserve-CAC Charlotte'russe Leopold

Thank you judge Torbjörn Skaar, Sweden!


 PMM-11 Charlotte'russe Magnolia has been confirmed pregnant! 
Puppies will be born late January!



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