Margiitan ÷delia ÷zbaazia

2.5.1990 - 11.12.1999

(Fin Ch Margiitan Pantelei / Margiitan April)
breeder: Margit R
šty, Orimattila Finland
owner: kennel Charlotte'russe


BOS winner
CAC winner

Dame to Margiitan B-litter


Photo:Synnove Sevon


÷delia came to us at the age of two. She was the "king of the hill" from day one, and no other dog dared challenge her during her lifetime. She was a big and beautiful bitch, and extremely affectionate towards her family-members. She was also the sneakiest of dogs, opening our dear neighbours door waiting for a piece of sausage by the refrigerator until the mission was completed... Furthermore, and above all she was a true hunter. There wasn't a day that went by without her being on a diet, but it was a hopeless cause... If she felt she didn't get enough food at home, she went running in the fields nearby hunting for rabbits which she ate with great appetite. She loved male-dogs and she met her love of her life, Int&Dk Ch BjgSg Zarina's Diavolo, in Denmark in the winter of 1993, when she and Charlotta visited the Danish kennel Zarina's owned by HjŲrdis Wied-Hansen. In March of 1993 she gave birth to kennel Margiitan's new B-litter in Kaarninko. This litter was to have an utmost important influence on the future kennel Charlotte'russe's borzois, because this is were it all began...

÷delia with Zarina's Diavolo.

Photo:Charlotta Sevon


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