Fin Ch
Marelden's Faronja Felitsa

29.8.1990 - 1.10.2002

(Angelhaken Eros / Olagus Aljosjinka)
Breeder: Maria Annala, Sweden
Owner: kennel Charlotte'russe


Finnish Champion


Photo:Charlotta Sevon


Ronja was already four years old when she joined our family. She had one certificate before our time, and she gained her other two quickly after having moved to us.

She found her place in Kaarninko, guarding all of its' inmates like were they made of gold. She loved and cared for her herd, but she outlived most of her fellow-companions that we had at the time. When her beloved herd diminished she finally let time catch up on her, and left us at the age of twelve. She will always be missed in Kaarninko.

She is dam to our D-litter, bred with Margiitan Bacchus Bianco.

Photo:Charlotta Sevon


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