International Champion
FI & EE & DK & N Ch
EE W-06
Deklraus St-Flame Spirit

(Int & Fin & Blr & Geo & Pl & Balt & Rkl & Rus & 
Est & Lv & Lt Ch PlW-00 LtW-99 BaltW-99-00 EurW-99-00 
StSanja Round Midnight at Dratsun /
Est V & Blr & Lv Ch Deklarus Di-Day-Star)


Breeder: Larissa Rusinova kennel Deklarus, Estonia
Owner: Synnöve Sevón, kennel Charlotte'russe




Multiple BOB Winner
Estonian Winner 2006 (EE W-06)
Finnish, Estonian, Danish and Norwegian Champion
International Champion

Sire to our first Pekingese-litter

"Rölli", alias Deklarus St-Flame Spirit, has the best of temperaments and the loveliest and most expressive of faces; he swept everyone of their feet when he arrived at Kaarninko in March 2004.

In his own mind he is our families elephant with the strength of a lion. He loves to play around with our borzois, and he immediately gained their respect. If something isn't as it should be he looks upon us with a wondering expression explaining that something is wrong. He either can't understand if someone doesn't like him.. Our cat "Ebbo" is the only one who doesn't really appreciate Fluffy's outgoing temperament, even if he does his absolute best to show her how much he loves her (and especially her food)...

Rölli winning BOB-puppy

©Miika Ylipahkala
Rölli about 2 years of age on a rainy day in Kaarninko

© Kennel Charlotte'russe
Rölli 4 years old

Rölli 3 years old in Tallinn with Charlotta winning the title
Estonian Winner-06 and compleating his
International Championship title

Rölli in the BIG-ring with Charlotta after
winning his first CACIB and BOB at the age of 2

Photo:Fredrik Strengell

Rölli playing with Charlotte'russe Humperdinck (under our careful supervision) also in March 2004.

Synnöve and Rölli in Lapland 2005.

Photo:Fredrik Strengell

Rölli with Synnöve in Kaarninko in March 2004

Jerry with a young Rölli