Photo:Charlotta Sevon

Margiitan Bavarotti


(Int & Dk Ch BJgSg Zarina's Diavolo / Margiitan ÷delia ÷zbaazia)
breeder: Margit Ršty, Orimattila Finland
owner: kennel Charlotte'russe


BOS Winner
2 x CAC



Bavarotti was a true passionate Casanova. He charmed everyone (it happened that people who met him at shows wanted to buy him) 
and he loved to be the center of attention. He was happiest having other younger dogs around him that he could keep in order and also show them the ways of life. 
But as an adult he was restless as well; He enjoyed living in the country but every now and then he got bored of it. 
On these occasions he moved to the city for a while living with Magnus who had grown up and moved away from home at this point. 
Fortunately this arrangement suited everyone and Bavarotti was very happy with it.

He was shown many times at shows, not only because of his love for it, but also dew to the fact that he unlike his brothers matured quite fast. 
He was a BOS-winner and gained 2 CC's. 
He had bad luck trying to achieve his third and final certificate, getting about 20 worth-certificate 
without ever getting the real thing, which would have completed his championship.

He was a wonderfully happy and energetic dog. He will always be remembered and never forgotten.

Bavarotti at the age of seven. 

Bavarotti at the age of two.

Below: Baby-Bavarotti with a young Charlotta.

Photo:Keijo Hakanen

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