Margiitan Borodin Burotzki


(Int & Dk Ch BJgSg Zarina's Diavolo / Margiitan ÷delia ÷zbaazia)
breeder: Margit Ršty, Orimattila Finland
owner: kennel Charlotte'russe



Photo:Charlotta Sevon


Our silver-grey, big and handsome Peppi, was a fantastic male dog with a strong will and a big heart.

He was happiest being at home in the countryside. His family was the most important thing to him and he guarded them with his life. If a new family-member was introduced, he observed them for a long time before accepting them as full members of his crowd.

His brother Bolshoj was his best friend from the beginning till the end, and Bolshoj was also the only male dog Peppi loved and accepted to have on his domain. It was a joy for the eye to watch these two big silver-grey dogs running about in the forest. They ate, slept, and lived together. If they sometimes quarrelled over a bone they made a lot of noise, but they would never have dreamt of hurting each other. The day Bolshoj died Peppi became extremely depressed. We worried a lot for him, but he did recover and went back to being his own happy self, outliving all of his brothers until he one day passed away in his sleep, reunited with his best friend.  

Photo:Charlotta Sevon

Photo:Charlotta Sevon

Peppi with his best friend and brother Bolshoj in 1995.



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